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Whistleblowing Channel

Make your report at any day and anytime

What is the Whistleblowing Channel?

The Whistleblowing Channel is a proactive and transparent communication tool for reporting violations, omissions and any non-compliance with the Code of Ethics, corporate conduct in violation of the rights of the consumer community, policies, legislation that may cause damage to the Company's activities, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

An independent system

Who is Contato Seguro?

We hired an independent system to manage the complaints received in its Whistleblowing Channel.

"Contato Seguro" is an independent company that provides a transparent and anonymous customer service channel.

Why having an independent system?

To be more independent

To investigate it is necessary to be independent, free of corporate interests.

To secure anonymity

To guarantee that no one will know who and in which device the report was made.

To follow up the registration

To have the possibility of follow up the complaint's status.

Code of ethics

Report any violation of our code of ethics

Call 0800-900-8007 or make your report online. The Whistleblowing Channel operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Questions about the Whistleblowing Channel

How can we help you?

Main doubts

Who is responsible for managing the complaints?

The reception of the report is carried out by the company Contato Seguro. Systemically, Contato Seguro forwards such a report to the Reporting Channel which is under Audit's management. Audit will deliberate on each case individually, proceeding with a thorough investigation of the information in each case. If necessary, Audit will forward the complaint to the competent area of the Company, monitoring the analysis until its conclusion.

Which legislation/corporate commitments are observed by the Reporting Channel?

The Whistleblowing Channel is a specific and official communication channel of TIM S.A., for the internal and external public to share reports on events of corruption, bribery, fraud, moral and sexual harassment, possible irregularities or accounting improprieties, or any other issues of an accounting nature, auditing matters, corporate conduct in violation of the rights of the consumer community and those related to internal controls, standards, policies, ethics, human rights and the environment. This space was created to strengthen the foundations of corporate governance through transparency, as well as to observe:

•    The United States legislation, Sarbanes- Oxley Act/2002, to which TIM S.A. is subject as a company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission – SEC, with shares listed through an ADR program on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
•    CVM Instruction 509 regulates the activities of the Statutory Audit Committee, establishing the need for a channel to receive complaints.
•    The international anti-corruption standards (FCPA); and, The Brazilian Anticorruption Law (Law no. 12,846/2013), regulated by Decree no. 8,420/2015.
•    Code, laws and regulations associated with consumer law.
•    Brazilian laws, norms and codifications of the diverse branches of Law, such as: Civil, Constitutional, Labour, Tax among others.

What issues does the Whistleblowing Channel cover?

The Whistleblowing Channel of TIM S.A. is available to deal with all matters related to acts of corruption, bribery, fraud, moral and sexual harassment, accounting improprieties or any other accounting issues in general, auditing matters, corporate conduct in violation of the rights of consumers and those related to internal controls, standards, policies, ethics, environment and human rights.

Who can use the Whistleblowing Channel?

The Channel is available to the internal and external publics with which the company relates, namely: employees, shareholders/investors, administrators, customers, suppliers/partners, Government, community, organised civil society and other stakeholders.

What means are available to make a complaint?

Complaints may be registered through the Corporate Intranet, Internet (tim.com.br > About Us > Reporting Channel) or by telephone through the number (0800 900 8007), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is it possible to report my concern anonymously and securely?

Complainants who file complaints will not be identified under any circumstances, whether on the Intranet, on the Internet or by telephone. Anonymity and confidentiality will always be guaranteed, whether the allegations are confirmed or not. There is no record of the IP's of the computers of the users of the system via Internet, and there is the secrecy of telephone recording.

Is the complainant subject to any kind of retaliation/punishment for having made a complaint?

No On the contrary. TIM S.A. does not tolerate any kind of threat or retaliation against a person for raising a concern in good faith. The objective of the Whistleblowing Channel is to facilitate the identification of irregularities that may exist in the Company, which are in disagreement with the laws, ethical and conduct norms. Reporting suspected misconduct in good faith will not result in any adverse action against you (such as harassment or loss of benefits). This protection also covers any person who provides information or cooperates in a subsequent investigation.

At some point, is it possible that the identity of the complainant is revealed?

No, the only exception is if we are required by law to do so or if it involves an important public interest.

When the complaint is made, is a protocol issued?

Yes. When the complaint is made, the complainant is automatically given a protocol number.

What can be expected after registration of the complaint ?

TIM takes all reports of possible misconduct very seriously. All investigations will be carried out with care, confidentiality, and professionalism. In the event it is determined that misconduct has actually occurred, our Company will take appropriate action.

Is it possible for the complainant to insert new information and/or complement a complaint that has been made and is under analysis status?

Yes, it is possible. The complainant should go to Follow up your complaint > Further information > Send reply.

Is it possible to check the status of the complaint ?

Yes, it is possible through the protocol number generated and given to the complainant when the complaint is made. They should follow it up by inserting the protocol number at Follow up your complaint.