Wi-Fi TIM is another TIM service that allows customers to access Internet faster, more conveniently and more securely. By using it, you have access to the Internet in public places, airports, shops and stadiums.

The Wi-Fi network access has no additional charge. TIM Wi-Fi service follows the rules of your plan or data packet.

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Where to access

Hotspots are public places (airports, hotels, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, shopping malls) that have Wi-Fi connection, provided by TIM.

To access the Internet on a TIM Wi-Fi hotspot you just need to have a notebook, tablet or mobile phone compatible with Wi-Fi technology and go to TIM Wi-Fi Portal to authenticate.

After entering your zip code, select on the map Wi-Fi option.

Click Here and Check Out TIM Wi-Fi Coverage.

How it works

The client who has a compatible device and is in an area where TIM Wi-Fi network is available is automatically directed to TIM Wi-Fi Portal, where authentication is done in order to access TIM Wi-Fi.

Choose the option in which you will use the Wi-Fi service and see step-by-step how to authenticate.

TIM Wi-Fi App

TIM Wi-Fi App is one extra tool for TIM customers to automatically connect to TIM Wi-Fi network connection at airports, neighborhoods, restaurants, shopping malls and others. By using the app the client will be able to visualize the map of TIM’s Wi-Fi hotspots.
By using TIM Wi-Fi network connection the client will have a better user experience.
The charge of the Wi-Fi network follows the same rules of the data plan.

How it works: The client must enter username and password (the same used to access My TIM) on the first time accessing the app. After that, the connection becomes automatic.

*Downloading the app is free. Available for Android only.

Download it now!

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