How to make calls

Useful Hint

Use the standard shortcut dialing for making your calls from your GSM! It is the simplest way to call.

How to make local calls?

Simply dial the phone number you wish to call (usually 8 or 7 digits).

How to make long distance calls in Brazil?

Dial 0, choose 41, TIM's long-distance code, and dial the area code followed by the number you wish to call 0 + 41 + city code + phone number.

Example: to call 2111-0000 in São Paulo, from Rio, simply dial: 0 41 11 21110000.

Dial 00, choose 41, TIM´s long distance code, and dial the country code followed by the number you wish to call. 00 + 41 + country code + city code + phone number.
Example: to call the number 76980000 in France just dial: 00 41 33 4 76980000

To contact you When you are in Brazil, your callers will use your regular mobile phone number, as if you were in your home country!

Rates Please check this information with your home operator.

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TIM Customer Service

In Brazil

From your mobile phone: *144 or 1056

From a landline: 0 41 11 2847 6144

From internet:

Area codes of some major Brazilian cities: