International Visitors

Visitor Prepaid SIM Card

If you have a prepaid SIM card from TIM, see all the services that we offers for you:

Dial*144 to activate your line. Please have your passport and temporary address in Brazil handy.

Call *222# from your TIM, at anytime, to display your balance on the screen of your device.

You can get new credits calling * 241 from your cell phone and paying with your credit card. It is simple and fast.

You can activate your internet pass sending a SMS with “WEB” to the number 2500. Once you receive a confirmation SMS, just send “WEBOK” to the number 2500. You will have 1.5GB to get online for 7 days. Make sure you have R$ 25,00 of credits available.

you can also buy credits for your TIM in banks, lottery, pharmacies, supermarkets, and other places. Look for the nearest store to do the recharge.

Find out here all the available top up values:

values availables

The TIM Wi-Fi is another service to access the Internet. You can access to Internet through hotspots in public places such as airports, malls, convention centers and other establishments that allow wireless access. Check how to use

Enter the address you want to find the TIM coverage throughout Brazil. Check here

Call *144 for information about your plan We be prepared to speak in english, spanish and portuguese.

How to make phone calls to Brazil?
In case of emergency call to

Tourist Police Numbers

• Belo Horizonte: 041 31 3474-5716
• Brasília: 041 61 3291-0005
• Curitiba: 041 41 3326-3600
• Cuiabá:
• Fortaleza: 041 85 3101-2488
• Florianópolis: 041 48 3333-2103
• Manaus: 041 92 3652-1656
• Natal: 041 84 3232-7402
• Recife: 041 81 3184-3437
• Rio de Janeiro: 041 21 2332-2924
• Salvador: 041 71 3116-6817
• São Paulo: 041 11 3257-4475

TIM offers a free telephone service in portuguese and italian, to support the italians who is in Brazil during the World Cup: 0800 7048354 (Can not connect to the Italian chip, only from a Brazilian number).