International Roaming

To use your mobile phone in Brazil it must be compatible with the frequency of TIM Brasil and your home operator must have signed a roaming agreement with TIM Brazil.

2G frequency all over Brazil is the same: 900/1800 Mhz. At the states Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul (South Region), Minas Gerais (Southeast Region), Bahia, Sergipe, Piauí, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco and Alagoas (Northeast Region) is available 3G 850 Mhz. The cities covered by 4G network operate at 2600Mhz.

Click here to check all states and respective cities that TIM has coverage all over Brazil.

In Brazil
From a cell abroad: * 144 or 0 41 11 2847-6144
From a cell TIM: * 144 (toll free)
From a landline: 1056 (attendance only in Portuguese)

Warning: If you make this connection through your mobile phone when you are roaming, this call will be charged according the international roaming rates from your carrier. The call to 1056 from a landline is free of charge.

TIM's network offers voice service, data (2G, 3G, 4G), SMS and MMS. Check with your operator the availability of services based on international roaming agreements between your carrier and TIM.

Your carrier is responsible for defining International Roaming rates to use our network. If your mobile Company doesn´t have a roaming agreement with TIM, check the prepaid simcard made especially for you: TIM Visitor. You can buy it at any TIM store.

Simply switch on your mobile phone when you cross the Brazilian border or leave the plane. Your phone will automatically log on to a network. If you want to benefit from our excellent GSM National Coverage, you can select the TIM network manually:

Go to the "Network Selection" > "Settings" option in your phone menu. Find "Phone setting" or "Manual Network Selection" and choose the "TIM" network.

Select "TIM" and you will be asked to confirm your choice. Once "TIM" is displayed on your screen, you are connected! (The connection procedure may vary according to your mobile device!) . Others codes that may also be displayed on your screen.

The network name "TIM" presented above may also be displayed as a network code:

To talk to you when you are in Brazil is just linking to your number as if you were in your home country!

In case of emergency call to:

Tourist Police Numbers:

  • • Belo Horizonte: 041 31 3474-5716
  • • Brasília: 041 61 3291-0005
  • • Curitiba: 041 41 3326-3600
  • • Cuiabá:
  • • Fortaleza: 041 85 3101-2488
  • • Florianópolis: 041 48 3333-2103
  • • Manaus: 041 92 3652-1656
  • • Natal: 041 84 3232-7402
  • • Recife: 041 81 3184-3437
  • • Rio de Janeiro: 041 21 2332-2924
  • • Salvador: 041 71 3116-6817
  • • São Paulo: 041 11 3257-4475

See below the codes of major cities (capital) in Brazil:

Use your phone as you do at home!

This handy Guide provides everything you need to know to use your cellphone in Brazil. Here you will find information such as:

• How to select the TIM network.
• A list of Brazilian city codes.
• How to Make and receive calls locally or from other countries.
• If you need any help, it also includes the TIM Customer Service Center’s information.

Check Out the TIM Quick Guide for all the information you need to stay connected.